Dating death row

I wish I could say that it is rare for innocent people to be convicted and sentenced to death. Since 1973, 144 people have been exonerated and freed from death row in the U. I provide support to many of these men through my job at Witness to Innocence, a nonprofit organization that helps people who have been exonerated from death row and their loved ones. Recently, a group of former governors, judges and other important people got together and issued 39 recommendations to make the death penalty more fair and accurate.A study published by the National Academy of Sciences found that more than 4% — one in every 25 — of the death sentences in the U. Even if every reform was adopted, innocent people would still get convicted and sent to death row.It was a good thing: if the other women could have gotten near me, they would have killed me because they thought I deserved to die. Around the time my other son Danny was five years old, he asked me on the phone, “Are they going to kill you with a needle?” It is a question no child should ever have to ask his mother or father. I was lucky: attorneys Rob Mc Duff and Clive Stafford Smith took my case pro bono.They got me a new trial and called witnesses who said I had been trying to resuscitate Walter with CPR. My new attorneys also showed that my son died from a hereditary kidney condition. I was 25 years old when I was finally found innocent.I am the only woman ever exonerated and freed from death row in the United States. If one in 25 bank transactions were inaccurate, no one would stand for it.Their stories are not for the fainthearted and are among the deadliest people on the planet.Name: Charles Ng Crimes: Multiple counts of kidnapping, rape, torture and murder Time on death row: 17 years Rodney Alcala is often described as the most prolific serial killer in the United States.

There will always be people who want to advance their careers by putting people to death.

When I first went to prison, I hated the people who railroaded me onto death row.

Then I realized that I could be bitter and angry, but the only person it would hurt was me.

I ran downstairs where another girl took my baby, started CPR, and advised me what to do. The next morning, I went down to the police station as I had been asked to do.

When I got there, a detective yelled at me, “You know you killed your baby.

As long as human beings are in charge, they will make mistakes.

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