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The purpose of most of the anecdotes below is to demonstrate the amount of time and money lost by those who decide to handle the personal property from estates on their own.

Sears put a halt to the rewards points in June, no longer allowing members to accumulate them.The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.Yesterday I received a call to take a look at some things that were stored in the garage of a vacant house.Today I was at the landfill with a load from the job I am working on when the same people pulled in with a large U-Haul truck and dumped the entire contents of the garage in the pit. I had several phone calls over a period of three months with a family from a nearby town.In every call I stressed my “keep what you want, leave everything else” philosophy.But a spokesperson for the consumer avocate said that doesn't mean you shouldn't assume you're covered moving forward."The general rule of thumb with warranties is only as good as long as the business is operating," said Emma Borski, with the Central Ontario BBB.

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