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I wrote the song 'Medicine' in the first person from my Dad's point of view, but I never even realised that while writing it. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?I got a back injury in my 20s, so I have to look after it and do a lot of stretching. We get together for beer and pizza and listen back to the results, which can be amazing. I've been in New York for ten years, so I'd say I will move on at some point. I've still got a flat there that I rent out, so I might well go back there. Wheeler has also contributed backing vocals Bob Geldof's Band Aid 20 2004 single "Do They Know It's Christmas?

Like Snow Patrol – whose Gary Lightbody she used to listen to DJing in the nearby Brel Bar when she was at university – she writes songs whose appeal should stretch far and wide. Get the full tracklist from the Mi Christmas special below. 4 January 1977, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland) is a Northern Irish guitarist, songwriter and vocalist for the rock band, Ash.For heavier tracks such as "The Dead Disciples" Tim uses a Fender Telecaster.In 2011 Wheeler purchased a Gretsch 1966 Sal Fabrio in 2011, for studio and rehearsals.What's the rumour about you that's bothered you the most? I don't have any family of my own yet, but I really admire how together and how much of a solid father he was. He was a man of honesty and fairness and a good community guy who was a very caring person. I might see the same film again and wonder why on earth it got me bawling the first time.

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